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VI Congress of the IAUTUO

On 2-4 June 1993, in Kiev, on the basis of the Kiev National University named after T. Shevchenko the VI congress of the chairmen of the trade union organizations of universities (IAUTUO congress) was held. The congress was attended by the representatives of 30 chairmen of trade union organizations of the employees and students from 22 universities of Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. Great merit in organizing the congress belongs to the chairman of the trade union organization of the employees of Kiev University Vladimir Tsvykh, and the chairman of the trade union committee of students Fyodor Serban.

Participants of the congress were welcomed by the first vice-rector of Kiev University O. Tretyak and the Chairman of the Trade Union of Science and Education of Ukraine L. Sachkov.

A report on the work of the Presidium of the International Association of Trade Union Organizations of Universities for the last year was made by I. Kotlobovsky. In his report it was noted that current accounts were opened (ruble and foreign currency); entrance fees received from 15 university trade union committees; two meetings of the presidium were held in Moscow (September 1992) and in the city of Cheboksary (December 1992); a new edition of the telephone directory of trade union universities was prepared; contacts have been established with the American Federation of Teachers, United States, (Albert Einstein used to be its member); in conjunction with AFT, members of the Association held a seminar on the Kronstadt motor ship on the St. Petersburg-Valaam-St. Petersburg route on concluding a collective agreement in the US universities and the principles of AFT activities (the seminar was funded by the AFT); measures were taken to establish contacts with Western European trade unions, which was important to study the experience of trade unions in market conditions, as well as the trade union of educators and higher education in China.

The representative of the AFT in Russia R. Porter was invited to the congress. He made a presentation on the practice of the work of American trade unions.

The majority of the congress participants participated in the debate.