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XXXI Congress of EATUOU

The XXXI Congress of the Eurasian Association of University Trade Union Organizations was held on September 12–15, 2018 at Petrozavodsk State University (Republic of Karelia, Russian Federation). The topic of the congress was “Social regional programs in the Eurasian space and the corporate interests of the universities.”

The congress was attended by leaders of trade union organizations of 31 universities in Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and the city of Donetsk.

On the eve of the congress, the delegation of the EATUOU Presidium was accepted at the Union of Trade Union Organizations of the Republic of Karelia. I. S. Kosenkov, I. B. Kotlobovsky, M. A. Grinnik, E. D. Makarova and others took part in the conversation.

Anatoly Voronin, the rector of Petrozavodsk State University, addressed the delegates with a welcoming speech, who noted that the interaction tools of public organizations of the CIS countries are an important factor in the formation of a single educational space.

The congress received greetings from the President of the Eurasian Association of Universities, the Rector of the Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov Academician Viktor Sadovnichy, from the chairman of the trade union committee of the Kyrgyz National University Kubanychbek Zhumabekov.

The deputy chairman of the All-Russian Education Trade Union Vadim Dudin, Ilya Kosenkov, Chairman of the Union of Trade Union Organizations of the Republic of Karelia, Secretary of the FNPR, representative of the FNPR in the North-West Federal District Maria Grinnik; Yevgeniya Makarova, chairman of the Republican committee of trade unions of workers in public education and science; Leader of the research group of the project “National Rating of Russian Universities”, International Information Group Interfax, Alexey Chaplygin took part in the congress.

The delegates of the XXXI congress took part in the celebrations dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the trade union movement in Karelia.

At the congress, 30 delegates representing universities of all participating countries, as well as guests, delivered speeches and presentations.

Having heard and discussed the report of the EATUOU President I. Kotlobovsky “Social regional programs in the Eurasian space and the corporate interests of the universities”, the speeches of the chairmen of trade union committees of employees and students of the universities of the CIS countries delegates to the congress state:

“The Eurasian Association of Trade Union Organizations of Universities is a unique platform for discussing and solving social, labor and humanitarian issues, the problems of reforming higher education, improving the efficiency of the educational process and ensuring the competitiveness of universities in the post-Soviet space. The productive cooperation of the Association with sectoral education trade unions of the EATUOU countries, trade union federations, the Eurasian Association of Universities and the Russian Union of Rectors underlines the relevance and importance of the issues discussed.”