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XII Congress of EATUOU

On March 23 – 24, 2000, the Kuban State University hosted the 12th regular congress of the Eurasian Association of Trade Union Organizations of Universities (EATUOU).

The congress was attended by 36 representatives of trade union organizations of students and employees and their deputies from 25 universities of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

The following questions were addressed at the congress:

  • Report of the Presidium on the work of the EATUOU;
  • About re-registration of the EATUOU;
  • On the work on the EATUOU collection of materials on trade union activities in the social sphere at classical universities;
  • On the anniversary of the Kuban State University;
  • A seminar on electronic information in trade union work was held.


By the beginning of the congress the collection No. 1 “Social programs: work experience of trade-union organizations” was published, which was presented to the participants.

On the first day, the report of the EATUOU President I. Kotlobovsky on the work of the EATUOU Presidium over the past year was heard.

On the second day, delegates to the congress visited the branch of the Kuban University in Novorossiysk, met with its management and were introduced to the work of the branch’s faculties.

On the third working day at the recreation center of the Kuban University in Divnomorsk the congress decided:

  • To approve the activities of the EATUOU Presidium;
  • To accept Tiraspol State University as a member of the EATUOU;
  • Approve the EATUOU emblem;
  • Prepare the second EATUOU collection of materials with the information about universities and their trade union organizations for the next Congress;
  • The EATUOU Presidium should prepare proposals on the date, venue of the next congress and its program;
  • The EATUOU Executive Director to continue work on the legal status of the Association;
  • To continue work on the introduction and application of the electronic communication systems by university trade union organizations.