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X Congress of EATUOU

On September 23-25, 1999, the tenth congress of the Association was held in Minsk as part of the VIII Congress of the Eurasian Association of Universities. Representatives of 30 universities from 6 CIS countries took part in the congress. The participants of the congress heard the information of the President of the organization I. Kotlobovsky on the situation in the Association and the reports of the representatives of trade union organizations of the countries represented in the EATUOU, participated in joint meetings with the rectors of the EAU. It was recommended to the EATUOU member organizations to study and use the experience of implementing social programs discussed during the congress. The 10th congress of the chairmen of the trade union organizations set the time and place for the next congress – September 13-15, 2000 at the recreation center of the Kuban University (Krasnodar) in Divnomorsk.