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The Session of the Presidium of the EATUOU on April 23, 2019

The Trade Union Organization of Moscow University celebrated the centenary since its foundation in April. Members of the Presidium and the Supervisory Board of the Eurasian Association of Trade Union Organizations of the Universities were invited to celebrate the centenary of the MSU Trade Union.

On April 23, 2019, session of the EATUOU Presidium was held at the Situational Center for Legal Initiatives of the Law Faculty of Moscow University. There were three questions on the agenda: about the preparation for the XXXII Congress of the EATUOU, about the English version of the Association’s official website and events to celebrate the centenary of the MSU Trade Union Organization.

EATUOU President I. Kotlobovsky made opening remarks. He presented the audience the Associate Professor of the Department of Criminal Procedure, Justice, and Prosecutorial Supervision of the Law Faculty of Moscow State University O. Vasilyev, who spoke about the faculty and answered numerous questions.

The presentation was made by the EATUOU Vice-President, Chairman of Baku State University Trade Union Organization F. Shiriyev. The EATUOU Presidium decided to hold the XXXII Congress of the Association in September 2019 at Baku State University (Azerbaijan) to celebrate the centenary of BSU foundation.

G. Harutyunyan, Assistant on the International Cooperation to the Chairman of the Trade Union Organization of Yerevan State University, spoke about the work on the translation of the EATUOU official website into English to increase the organization’s respectability at the international level and increasing the reading audience. He also raised the question of placing the autobiographies of the Presidium members on the organization’s website.

After the meeting, members of the Presidium were photographed at a memorial sign on the alley, laid by the chairmen of the trade union organizations of the universities in 1987.

On April 23, the Belorussian State Academic Honored Choreographic Ensemble “Khoroshki” performed in the Big Hall of the Cultural Center of Moscow State University. This concert was a gift to the staff of Moscow University from the universities – members of the EATUOU. Artists from Belarus were warmly accepted, they received flowers, souvenirs and an engraving depicting Moscow University.

On April 24, during the solemn ceremony in honor of the centenary of the Trade Union Organization of Moscow State University, which was held in the Big Hall of the Cultural Center of the MSU, Vice-Presidents of the EATUOU I. Kerget (Grodno State University named after Yanka Kupala) and F. Shiriyev (Baku State University) made speeches on behalf of the Eurasian Association of Trade Union Organizations of the Universities.