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IV Congress of the Council of Chairmen of the Trade Unions of the Universities of the USSR

The next regular meeting was held in Belarus, at Gomel University. The 4th congress of the chairmen of the trade union organizations of universities took place practically before the collapse of the Soviet Union. However, this did not affect the work of the congress. But no one had thought about this. And the Gomel meeting served as a new stage in strengthening university ties. It was successfully conducted by the chairman of the trade union committee of employees, Georgy Vorotnitsky and the chairman of the trade union committee of students Nadezhda Koltysheva.

In September 1991, heads of trade union organizations from 36 universities from 4 republics – Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine gathered at Gomel State University.

Representatives of the Central Committee of the Trade Union of Education and Science R. Papilov, Nikolay Urvachev, Chairman of the Belarusian Republican Trade Union of Education and Science Tamara Chebotova, Deputy Chairman of the Gomel Regional Committee of the Trade Union of Education and Science Nadezhda Olifirenko took part in the congress. The meeting was welcomed by the Rector of the Gomel State University, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor Leonid Shemetkov.

The main issue on the agenda was the experience of preparing and concluding collective agreements, taking into account university specifics in the new conditions of market economy. Collective agreements prepared by Kiev and Gomel universities were discussed in details.

The participants of the congress got acquainted with the activities of the Gomel State University.

The meeting was held on the fifth anniversary of the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Congress delegates visited the village of Bartolomeevka, Vetka district, Gomel region, whose inhabitants were resettled from the infected territory.